The Squash Squad is a group of keen squash players who get together to help other keen squash players get better fast. Everybody is expected to help, and everybody will improve their squash.

Ability is optional, enthusiasm is required.

Friday from 3:45pm
Squash Squad flier
medical indemnity form.


The Squash Squad starts at 3:45pm each Friday at the Milawa Squash Courts and involves a full range of Squash stuff. Learning how to hold a racquet, how to hit the ball, where to hit the ball, how to score and how to fool the other player.
Squash Squad for beginners runs for the first hour. Beginners will be assisted by stronger members of the Squad until they can play and score a 3 game squash match. Beginners must be collected before 5pm.  
Squash Squad runs from 4:45 thru 5:45. There will be a variety of coaching and match play for those that have helped with the beginners. The aim is to move keen players up the Squash Ladder. The courts will be closed at 6pm.

Eye Protection

Eye protection is compulsory for all junior players. The club supplies protective visors but we encourage all children to to purchase their own sweat band ($3).

The World Squash Federation List of eye protectors certified for squash.

Available from the Milawa Squash Club here.


If you want to get to the top of the ladder you are probably going to have to play loads of Squash. Tip: select juniors at the top of the ladder to check out the youngsters

It's easy! Make a challenge, play the match, submit your results here.

Squash Ladder

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