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Junior Squash Survey Results

posted Oct 11, 2015, 4:25 PM by John Brown   [ updated Oct 11, 2015, 5:06 PM by John Brown ]
Thank you to those who contributed to the Junior Squash Survey.

Juniors who completed the survey were aged 6-19.

Most of the surveyed Juniors are already enjoying Squash and would like to play at least weekly

The best way to contact Juniors is by Email or Home phone, but many are also using Mobile phones, SMS and Facebook.

Juniors prefer a causal game of Squash but a weekly competition and coaching are also very popular. There is only luke warm interest in a Squash tournament at the weekend.

The most common reason that Juniors do not play more Squash is because they like other Sports better! Often their friends do not play Squash, there is no-one to play, or they have trouble getting to the courts. No-one has concerns with bullies or unfriendly behaviour.

The best time for Juniors to play Squash is clearly on Tuesday afternoons after school. Early mornings and weekends are not popular.

Music is the most popular improvement for the Milawa Squash courts. Getting the pool table operational, adding a down-ball court and a table tennis table are also very popular.

Other suggestions included using video as a coaching aid, and opening the courts one night a week for casual games and socializing.